Virtual Con

Virtual Con? Isn’t this like a Webinar on Zoom?

Contrary to popular belief, BFC® is not a webinar; it is a participatory online ABDL Furry convention. In fact, BFC® #1 saw over 400 simultaneous HD video streams with attendees dressed up in Diapers, Onesies, Rompers, Shortall’s, PJs, and other little’s gear on the Zoom teleconferencing platform. With Crinkle sounds across 35 simultaneous online rooms, this is truly an online convention like no other!

Okay, how does this “Virtual Con” work?

BFC® is setup like many in person conventions, just with a virtual twist! Instead of walking to different panel rooms, you simply click around your personal schedule to join in progress! Then if you are just wanting to chill for a bit, we have our “Daycare” where you can congregate with other Babyfurs/ABDL’s in a more open social setting. You can even request private rooms to share artwork, play games, or anything your little heart desires in the Daycare!

To bring this all into some more context for someone who may never have attended a virtual contention before through Zoom. A virtual convention is not all that different to an in person convention. Like in person conventions of this nature, attendees are first vetted to make sure they are part of the Babyfur or ABDL community, and over the age of eighteen. Then, after an attendee is fully registered and vetted, they will receive a unique email from our registration team ( closer to the event date with a guide and more information on how to navigate through the convention!

In this email, attendees, will find a schedule with personalized links to all of the different events. Using this schedule, attendees will click on a specific panel to find out more information about it, and select if they want to join the room which is currently hosting the panel. It works like magic! At any time during the convention, attendees will be able to not only mute their microphone, but also turn off their webcam and swap rooms as they see fit! The schedule becomes a guide to the entire convention if you will. Instead of walking to another panel room for the next show or panelist, attendees just need to click on the specific panel they wish to attend, that they’ll be connected to the room in progress like magic.


Schedule with info

BFC® #3 Schedule

Okay, so what happens on the day of the convention?

On the day of the convention, attendees will get dressed up in their diapers, onesies, rompers, PJ’s or other littles gear, grab their favorite plushie and interact via video conference using the Zoom software client. We’ll have Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, Artists, Panelists, Games, Prizes and so much more! Using the Zoom client and the information provided to attendees in their ticket email.

Attendees will be able to move between simultaneous online rooms or “tracks” at their leisure. Plus, you get to enjoy an intimate look in littles’ bedrooms, adult cribs, nurseries, ball pits, highchairs, play pens and more from around the world! It is seriously magical, and if you are new to the ABDL community you will quickly realize you are not alone! Our first online con saw over 400 people from 20 countries around the world! For an idea of how a Virtual Convention works in more detail, see our BFC #3 Virtual “How it Works” Con Guide HERE.

Are you going to do more Virtual Events?

Yes! Stay tuned for announcements. Our plan is two large-scale virtual cons per year, in the spring and fall. Once we move to in-person events, we will do one online con and one in-person con each year, plus maybe some smaller events throughout the year.

I still have questions, where can I go to get some answers?

Feel free to check out our massive FAQ page for many top questions, and if you’re not seeing the answer you’re looking for, please reach out to us on Twitter! @BabyFurCon