Virtual Con

How Does a Virtual Con Work?

A virtual con is super fun! Attendees are first vetted to make sure they are part of the babyfur or ABDL community and over the age of eighteen. Then everyone gets dressed up in their diapers, onesies, rompers, PJ’s or other littles gear, grabs their favorite plushie and interacts via video conference together by moving between simultaneous online rooms or ‘tracks’. Panels, small group discussions, happy hour, artists streaming… an online con has it all. Plus, you get to enjoy an intimate look in littles’ bedrooms, adult cribs, nurseries, ball pits, highchairs, play pens and more from around the world! It is seriously magical, and if you are new to the ABDL community you will quickly realize you are not alone! Our first online con saw over 400 people from 20 countries around the world! For an idea of how it worked, see this archive newsletter.

Are you going to do more Virtual Events?

Yes! Stay tuned for announcements. Our plan is two large-scale virtual cons per year, in the spring and fall. Once we move to in-person events, we will do one online con and one in-person con each year, plus maybe some smaller events throughout the year.