Join Our Telegram Chat!

Our Vetted Telegram chat is now OPEN!

How to join the BFC® Telegram Chat Overview

To enter the BFC® Telegram chat, a person must first register for a BFC® event. During registration in Eventbrite, users will have the opportunity to put their Telegram @Username in an entry field, this is the @Username that will then be added automatically to the Vetted users list our Telegram bot pulls from in the Recess platform. Once a person is “Vetted” in both Recess, and for the convention, users will be able to join the chat by simply speaking to our BFC® Caretaker Bot on Telegram (@BabyfurConBot).

What does it mean to be “Vetted”

This means that a user has gone through the motions of providing social media links, government issued ID checks, and any other necessary steps to ensure the safety of other attendees at BFC®. This is someone who is ready and able to attend a BFC® convention either Virtually or In Person.

Steps to join the chat

  • To join the chat, a user who has registered and been Vetted for BFC® must talk to our BFC® Caretaker Bot on Telegram (@BabyfurConBot).
  • Once you say hello, the bot will check for the Vetted status on the Recess platform. If Vetted, the user will then receive a unique one time use invite link that they can use to join.
  • Once that invite link is used, it is automatically revoked, and cannot be used again.
If a user was to attempt to talk to the bot, without first being Vetted. They would not receive an invite link, and an error message would appear. This can also be the case if the Telegram username doesn’t match what is entered into Eventbrite during registration. If that information has changed, users can update the information using the following steps.

How to update your Telegram information in Eventbrite

Step 1. Open the Eventbrite confirmation email sent to the email address you registered with and click View the Event.

Step 2. Sign in to your account if you have one, or make one.

Step 3. Once signed in, check under the dropdown on the top right to find the option and click “Tickets”

Step 4. Click “View complete attendee info”

Step 5. Verify that your Telegram username matches what you’re using on the Telegram platform. There should be no spaces between the @ and the username and it MUST MATCH EXACTLY.

Step 6. If the username matches the telegram program exactly, you’re good to go and no action is needed. If not, you can edit this information by clicking “Edit”

The Telegram chat is now open for folks that have Registered and been Vetted for BFC® #3. If you’ve not done so, you won’t be able to join the chat until you do. So hurry up and register! Sales end on July 19th!

BFC® Chat Guidelines and Rules

No Drama – Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder that NO means NO, or that you might be taking things a bit too far. If you’re told No by someone, please respect their wishes. There is no need to bring private discussions into public chat. This includes using the open chat to talk to another user who may have blocked you.

Direct Messages – Be Polite and Ask to Direct Message. If you’d like to privately message someone, please ask before sending a message. Remember that No means No. No questions asked.

Try and Stay Positive! – We all have good and bad days. Sometimes venting happens and is needed, but please try to focus on the positives in open chat.

18+ Chat – This is an 18+ Vetted chat, but please keep discussion topics of a PG/PG 13 nature.

Images – This is a ABDL 18+ Convention surrounding things like Diapers, Pacifiers, Plushies, ect. In the interest of the chat however, we are going to stick to PG Only. This means Clean Diapers Only (Not Wet or Messy). Basically think of it this way. If you would not see it in a Disney movie, you won’t see it here. We can respect the fact that people might like to share these images, but we respectfully ask that they be shared in DMs only. When it doubt, ask a Mod!

Politics – We understand that everyone has different opinions and thoughts, but if you want to discuss political topics, please keep them in DMs or use another chat dedicated to those subjects. This is a celebration of Babyfur Con®, not a campaign for political candidates or recent elections/outcomes.

Limit Public Roleplay – We understand there’s cubs and caretakers, and that Role Play is a big part to the ABDL spectrum. If you’re looking to have a RP session, please don’t monopolize the chat, and enjoy that in DMs.

Out of respect for other members, please do not share of content or discussions from within the chat without the owner’s consent. This includes but is not limited to forwarding of messages, screenshots of the chat, or other audio/video recordings.

Failure to follow these rules can result in the following repercussions at the Mod Teams discretion.

Strike 1: 1 Day of read only chat.
Strike 2: 3 Days of read only chat.
Strike 3: You’re out, and your ability to attend future BFC® events may be reviewed against the Code of Conduct with the registration team.

Moderation Team

  • @BedtimeBear
  • @BenjiTokala
  • @SireneTokala
  • @ZavTiger
  • @MissRinRin

Issues joining the chat?

Please make sure that your correct Telegram @Username is in Eventbrite, and reach out to @BedtimeBear on Telegram, or Direct Message @BabyfurCon on Twitter.