Secret Santa

Introducing Adult Baby’s First Christmas. Online!

This year we have something super fun as an *optional* activity at Babyfur Con®. For attendees located in the United States, we’ve arranged an ABDL Online Secret Santa using USPS Flat Rate Shipping Boxes, and an online small group gift opening event at the Con.
Here is how it works:
If living in the United States choose a combined “General Admission + Online Secret Santa” Ticket from our Registration page. This ticket covers the shipping cost of sending your box to us, as well as shipping a gift to you and Eventbrite + credit card processing fees. About $15 each way. Fill out your gift preferences such as gender, age, size, etc. These will be given to the person you are matched with.
Your name and address are kept private; only Con staff will know it – unless you decide to include your name in your questionnaire.
Go to any Post Office (locate one here) and pick up your FREE Medium Side Loading Flat Rate Box. Make sure you pick the right box type/size or your gift won’t ship correctly. You may also have USPS Ship you a box FREE. Click here to order free boxes online.
Go shopping and pick up fun gifts another Babyfur, ABDL, or Little might like. You will be sent their gift preferences, but not their name and address. Keep the total gift value between $25-$35. Avoid items that are perishable, liquids/powders, used, fragile, or not age-appropriate. Some gift ideas:

  • Baby plates, utensils, placemats, teethers, paci’s, sippy cups, bottles, bibs, rattles, blocks, photo frames, etc
  • Coloring books, crayons, arts & craft kits, stickers, Play-Doh!
  • Bedtime Story’s, Satire ‘kids books’ (i.e. Goodnight Trump, Marlon Bundo, Trumpty Dumpty)
  • Adult diapers, diaper covers, plastic pants, onesies, rompers, providing they are new and you know your Secret Santa’s sizing info from the questionnaire.
  • Where’s Waldo
  • Candy, Jelly Belly’s, chocolate, other non-perishable treats!
  • Plushies, blankets, socks, hats, mitts
  • Marbles, Lego, puzzles, silly putty, slime!
  • Things that Glow-in-the-Dark! Hot Wheels!
  • Bluey, Paw Patrol, or Lion King anything!
  • Any toys listed for ages 3 months – 5 years old

Pack your gifts in the USPS Medium Flat Rate Box and don’t forget to write your Secret Santa a personalized note. Christmas can be a tough time for many little’s; so including a nice note to make people feel welcomed, loved, and accepted goes a long way. Often these notes and messages are kept for years. Optionally feel free to include your contact info if you want a new pen pal, or remain anonymous.

Check your email between now and Oct 31st (we also mention on our Twitter @babyfurcon when we’ve sent these out). We will send you a pre-paid USPS shipping label. Print and attach it to your Medium Flate Rate USPS box, and drop off the box at any Post Office, or schedule a free pickup at Ship by Nov 2nd, 2020.
It will get shipped to a staff member with Babyfur Con® who will receive it, check everything over, and re-ship you out a randomly matched gift. If you fail to send a gift or don’t send a gift(s) that meets our guidelines (as described in step 3) will result in you not receiving a gift.

Receive your BFC Secret Santa gift in the mail. DO NOT OPEN IT!!!
(this is also a COVID-19 precaution)

At BFC #2 on Dec 12th be sure to attend the Secret Santa Event. Everyone will start in a big room and after some words from Santa Paws we will split you into small group breakout rooms to take turns opening gifts together.


What if I do not live in the United States?
This is our first year doing something like this. If it goes well and there is a demand for it our hope is to open it up to more countries. We will need volunteers from each country to help us coordinate flat rate shipping and the opening and re-sending of gifts. Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer!
What steps are you taking for COVID-19 Safety?
According to research from the CDC, it appears that the vast majority of transmission is done through droplets, not surfaces, and packages. Furthermore, we are asking folks to ship by Nov 2nd for a December 12th event to allow for ample time for packages to sit unopened. Con staff will be wearing gloves and masks when inspecting and re-shipping packages. If you don’t feel safe you do not need to participate. Talk to your doctor.

Can I enter twice and get two gifts?
Sure! As long as you buy an additional gift exchange ticket ($49.98) that covers the shipping cost, and follow the $25-$35 value and gift guidelines of step #3 we see no reason why you couldn’t enter twice. Go for it kiddo – double xmas!

Can I give more than $25-$35? in gifts?
Ugh… please try not to. We’ve all seen that Office episode where Michael Scott buys the iPod and chaos ensues. If you are feeling extra generous please consider making a donation instead to our 501(c)3 which would help us to fundraise the money needed to create our Con in Las Vegas once it is safe, we need to raise $35,000 for the event.

Is there an ‘after dark’ gift exchange?
No. I don’t know that we could get insurance for that lol. There and so many fun toys out there, feel free to send a best friend something intimate and/or filling…err…fulfilling.