Participation is the bedrock of the furry, and babyfur community. Our panels are educational talks (sorta like a TED talk), as well as round table discussions, and presentations centered around a variety of topics, interests, and passions. Often these involve art, fursuiting, diapers, relationships, food/drinks, and self-discovery.

Schedule of BFC® #3 Panels

Sample Panels from our last BFC®#2, December 12th, 2020

Below are some of the panels from our last BFC® #2!

Name of Event Description of Event
Wearables and EL-Wire fun Lux makes glowing goggles, badges, pup hoods, and more! Check out their website at
Art by SmokeyAussie Smokey Aussie is a digital illustrator who loves to draw amazing littles and babyfurs! Check out their work on their twitter,
Art by CobaltFoxie ColbaltFoxie is a Babyfur Illustrator and Designer, who has been involved in the fandom for many years! For more information on their work, check out their FA,
Practical 24/7: A Guidebook Tips, Tricks and Q/A for being 24//7, as well as getting a better diaper change for those who are not.
Art by Angelpuppy Art Angelpuppy is an artist who enjoyes cute little animals! Check out their site here :
Starting Again: Writing a Babyfur Novel Babyfur author CK Crinklekid discusses writing “The New Job: Volume One of the Diapered Adventures of Maxwell Covington”, discusses his writing process and the importance of inclusivity in fiction.
Opening Ceremonies Waiting Room We will be starting the convention shortly! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
Opening Ceremonies Welcome to Babyfur Con! We are super excited to have you, and are excited to open up the event to all the different critters and individuals who are participating today!
Secret Santa Gift Exchange This is it! The time you have been waiting for! The time to open your gifts and share the experience of opening holiday presents! There will also be time for dicsussion and show and tell of the presents you want or have receieved!
Closing Ceremonies Waiting Room We will be starting closing ceremonies shortly! This gives folks a chance to signin and relax before the show is wrapped up!
Closing Ceremonies Thank you so very much for attending the event! We will go over some status and allow people to provide feedback! Thankyou again for the wonderful time!
Care Bears Corner In this panel we can share our collections, stories and other fun Care Bear related things!
Art by Plant Panda Art Formerly known as Cookie Fennec Creations, their offers an array of commissions – icons to acrylic charms, along with some fun little themed merch they will be offering at conventions! You can check out their work at
Art by Xeno Xeno is a traditional and digital artist who makes both furry and human art! Feel free to ask any questions and commission me! Check out their work here
BabyPrideJourney Lockdown Release We live in wild times these days. Due to Covid 19 new challenges and worries arise. Especially in these times our little one can support us in releasing stress and finding relaxation and ease within ourselves. This is a space where we playfully explore how diapers and baby headspace can support us in coming back into safety and a deep sense of trust. This panel offers insights into the psychosomatic magic of littles and offers the opportunity for you to get to know yourself more. A collective self-care session with guided visualisations, movement and stories for all little ones from all walks of life. We are looking forward to sharing this with you <3 virtual squeezes, Greg and Ari
Lil sketch book swap Are you a little artist? Do you like art trades? Well this panel is for you! It’s a super relaxed online art trade! This is welcome for artist of all levels! Come doodle with us!!!
A little adventure: ABDL DnD Welcome to Elsa’s Mansion! This is a level one ABDL DnD one shot. Grab your character sheet, dice and diapers and let’s get rollin! We only have space for 6 crinkle butts, so don’t be late! First come first served
Art by LilChu Illustrator//Graphic Designer. Creator of The SmolCafe. Artist for the brand PRETEND AGAIN. Check out their material on their FA page,
For littles By littles A walk through of the shop: Shop details, information, products offered and Q&A
Among Us Come join us for some sneaky fun in Among Us. Voice chat recommended but not required, play from PC or your phone!
Art by Reva The Scarf Reva is an SFW Artist focusing on wholesome regression and age play! Check out their work on their FA :
Art by Flick Flick is a Digital and Traditional Artist that paints and draws toony diaper characters. Check out their material on their FA page :
Art by Jade Fox Jade is a babyfur artist working in traditional media. You can check out their work here
Art by Charlie Charlie is an artist who focuses on Badges and commissions! Check out their work on their website,
Art by Wen Wen is a Babyfur Artist and Graphic Designer who draws many babyfurs! You can check out their work on their website,
Tiki and Mixing drinks with Friends! Its 5’OClock someplace! Join us as we learn how to prepare and create amazing drinks and boozy concoctions with friends! Use the time to share a drink and relax.
Art by Marzipan Marzipan is a diaperfur that loves to draw other babs! He is most known for his shaded full body illustrations, as well as telegram stickers. He especially loves to work with the following themes: bdsm, pet play, and tentacles. For more information, check out their website :
Little Leaders Are you a leader in your local abdl, babyfur, or ageplay community? Are you interested in becoming one? This panel will be an open discussion for little leaders of all kinds in order to share their thoughts and ask questions of eachother. Potential topics might include: how to start and host a munch? How to maintain a community amidst a global pandemic? How to deal with community conflict? And more!
Here There be Dragons: Nontraditional Petplay We love our puppies and kitties, but what if your pet persona is something a bit more fantastical. This panel is all about non-tradtional petplay. Maybe you are more of a dragon, unicorn, or even hybrid of animals or maybe your still discovering your pet identity. This panel will explore unusual pet headspaces and will offer tips and tricks on finding your own inner beast.
Drawing with Marci Do a step-by-step fun drawing with Marci–beginners welcome!
Art by Marci McAdam Marci is the Badge Queen, known best for her adorable cub badges. You can check out her work here
Art by PoppyPascal PoppyPascal is an illustrator and designer who creates babyfur art! Check out their Deviant Art page for more information
Art by Spitzy the Clown Creature Spitzy is an ABDL-Friendly Cartoon Artist. Check out their work on their FurAffinity page :
Art by Tatergator Tatergator is a digital artist who draws cute animals. Check out their furaffinity page here :
History of ABDL This panel would discuss how in the last 50 yrs, which has led to what we have now.
Raccoon Corral A gathering for people who enjoy everything raccoons. Gather up your favorite shinies, put on you raccoon gear, grab your plushie and get ready for a fun and silly time. We will have a virtual raccoon parade (kigurumi, fur suit, face paint, masks, coonskin hat are all welcome). We will have a little raccoon play time and then there will be a raccoon trivia contest with a cool door prize bundle for the winner.
Art by Rockwell Fox Rockwell fox is an artist and illustrator who makes comissions and badges. Check out their work on their twitter :
Art by Scoty Doodlerz Scoty is an artist from Southeast Asia who does fantastic cute art! Check out their work here
SugarSweetPacis SugarSweet Pacis work is geared towards pacifiers to help littles regress! You can check out their work on
The Balloon Pit Wanna spend time in a room full of nice, bit, pretty, squishy balloons? Well, here’s your (virtual) chance! Kenny Kitsune has turned his living room into a balloon pit, and you can join him online!
Art by Takottah Takottah is an artist which specializes in art, comissions, and enamel pins! Check out their website at
Art by TanuKai Tanukai provices a broad range of styles and subjects, but enjoys drawing cute cubs, furries, and ABDL art! Check out their work on their deviant art page :
Hypnosis in the Babyfur Community Hypnosis is a tool which can be used to enrich crinkly experiences. At this panel, we’ll discuss what hypnosis is, what it can be used for, how it’s often applied in the babyfur community, and some of the common truths and misconceptions of hypnosis. At the end, we’ll have a brief group hypnosis session together so that you too can experience hypnosis for yourself!
Art by BaltNWolf BaltNWolf is an artist who does really cute art! Check out their work in their FurAffinity Page here:
BAY-PAH Presents Human Puppy Play Panel Do you identify closely with real puppies, kitties, dogs and cats? Do you envy how our four-legged friends live for the moment and let go of all inhibitions with a pat on the head, a kind word, or a treat? Come learn about Human-Puppy play. How role play, kindness, playfulness, and a sense of wonder can be rewarded with skritches, belly rubs, treats, and squeaky toys. Find out about handlers, pups, alphas, betas, omega, puppy play safety, packs, moshes, and more. No gear necessary, strict no-nudity policy enforced. All genders and orientations are welcome to play. 18+ Hosted by BAY-PAH. For more information please see Ruff! Awoo!
Hot Cocoa 101 with Bunney from WCJG Hot cocoa is good anytime of year!! Join Bunney of West Coast Jungle Gym while she teaches you how ti make the best hot coco in lil’s land.
The Panel on Padding Fruitkitty from ADISC leads a scientific presentation on diaper testing.
PacifiersRus Come and talk with the PacifiersRus folks and get educated on our proprietary teat lines and see a catalog full of past orders and our sample work. We are raffling off $200 in gift certificates. A special exclusive promo 1 DAY *ONLY* BUY 1 GET 1 to BABYFUR CON attendees will be available, learn the promo word to use to get this deal at during this panel!