Las Vegas LIVE Event Info

Why Hold the Live Version of Babyfur Con® in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is super easy to get to and cheap flights to the destination can be purchased from almost anywhere in the USA and internationally. It has a diaper store called Changing Times (which carries multiple brands of padding, and adult baby clothing you can try on before you buy), and Las Vegas (aka ‘Sin City’) is friendly to kink and fetish events. Also, bars are open 24/7!

Our dream is to have a hotel bar serving drinks in sippy cups and baby bottles packed full of onesie- & romper-wearing padded cubs at 3AM! In fact, imagine a furry con with all the typical room parties, hangout spaces and dances, except this one is full of babyfurs getting to wear just a diaper and nothing else, or being their toddler little-selves anywhere inside the hotel without judgement or looks!

When is Babyfur Con®’s Live Event in Las Vegas Going to Happen?

Right now we are in limbo because of the global pandemic. We are not willing to hold our in-person convention until it is safe and until people are comfortable with larger in-person events once again. Our plan is to run virtual online events first, then outdoor events like a trip to the zoo or a picnic with people safely distanced six feet apart, once it is safe to do so. Then, once we see other furry conventions come back successfully and once travel and large indoor gatherings become safe again, we will bring you the littlest con you’ve ever seen!

In order to buy out an entire hotel (so you actually can run around in nothing but a diaper… like a real life toddler!) we need an operating fund of roughly $35,000. This is to cover the buy-out cost, security, signage, insurance, decorations, equipment rentals, and to have enough reserve capital that, should some other unexpected crisis happen, we can afford to cancel or reschedule the con and issue refunds without putting our our volunteer staff and board members at personal financial risk.

That’s why we need your help to raise money – please consider donating or buying a tax-deductible ticket to an online event!