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BFC® #3 Virtual “How it Works” Con Guide


Welcome to the #BFC® 3 Virtual Con Guide! On this page we’ll go in depth with information on what to expect when you receive you ticket, how to join the convention, and various other bits of information that we believe will help you get the most out of your BFC® experience. Let’s go over some of the basics to start.

What happens when I register for a ticket?

When you purchase your ticket for our virtual event, you will receive a series of emails, including some information from this page. In those emails you will find instructions, links, and hopefully gateways to lots of fun!

How and When will I get my ticket?

Your individual ticket will be delivered to the email address that you provided during your registration in Eventbrite. This generally will happen the week before the convention after Vetting has completed. The ticket will come from our registration email: So make sure to add us to your safe senders, so you do not miss it!

What do I do with my ticket?

Your ticket allows you to access our #BFC® 3 event. You can use the link in your in your ticket as many times as you want to join the event’s Zoom rooms. Your ticket your all access pass to come hang out with fellow cub critters and little furs.

Can I share my ticket?

You cannot share your ticket. The link contained in your ticket is just for you. While you can use your ticket link as often as you like to come and go as your please, the ticket is for you alone. Nobody else.

Can I log in to Zoom more than once?

Yes, your ticket is your all access pass to BFC #3. You can use the link from the email, or in Eventbrite, to join our event at any point during the event. This is commonly used when a Panelist joins their panel on both PC and Mobile, to share whatever they might be drawing and have two cameras. However, you are not permitted to share your links with others as this is a violation of the code of conduct for the convention.

Can I change my Display name?

Attendees can change their display name by logging into Eventbrite and changing the associated field. They can then logout of their active sessions, and log back into the sessions after a few minutes in order for that change to appear. By default, the name which will appear is the “Display Name” that you entered into Eventbrite when registering.

The Schedule

Your #BFC® 3 Personal Schedule or “Golden Ticket” will be sent out closer to the convention date. There are 8 Tracks filled with Panels, Artists, and other fun things for you to do and explore including our Daycare which we will explain in a bit more detail.

To join a specific Track, Panel, or Daycare, or to simply find out more information as to what may take place in it, just click on the event within the schedule of your Golden Ticket and you will have the option to join up! To change the Track or Panel you are currently in, just come back to your schedule and select another Panel or Track. Here’s an example of what your Golden Ticket and Personal Schedule may look like!


BFC Golden Ticket Sample

BFC® Golden Ticket

Schedule with info

BFC® Schedule

Our convention schedule can be found online at: and it will look similar to this. To join the convention though, you will need to use the link contained within the “BABYFURCON – Personal Entrance Ticket” email.

What do the colors on the Schedule mean?

  • Green – Panel
  • Blue – Artists
  • Purple – Con

How do I change days on the Schedule?

You can easily change days on the schedule by using the left and right arrow buttons to the left and right side of the word “Schedule” right below the currently displayed date.

How do I select a Track?

You can easily select tracks and learn more about events by clicked on either the column headers to join tracks and the event box to learn more about a particular event. Keep in mind that the links will not work properly until the convention has started and the Zoom rooms have been opened by the staff.

It’s important to make sure that you’re using the Schedule that came with your Golden Ticket and not the Schedule listed on the Website. The “Golden Ticket” Email is the one you’ll use to join different rooms.

I thought it was at 11:00am? Why is it showing 2:00pm?

All times on the schedule are shown in your local time zone. By default, the schedule is shown and advertised in the Pacific Time Zone. However, the times will be displayed based on your device’s clock settings.

How do I review the Description of an event?

To review the description of a specific event, bring up your convention schedule and click on the panel in question. This will enlarge the specific panel and show a description of what may happen during the event.

How can I switch Rooms?

Attendees can switch rooms by clicking on the bottom of the Zoom client and bringing up the dialogue box to leave the breakout room, or switch breakout rooms shown in the list.

How can I switch events?

Attendees can switch events by opening their schedule and clicking on a link to whatever panel they wish to join or clicking on the header room. “Main Stage, PeekABU Room, LittlePawz Room, ect.”

The Daycare

To make this feel like a con we also have a general hangout room, and more intimate small groups. We call this room “Daycare”. Attendees can join daycare at any time, and in addition to seeing each other they will see a virtual whiteboard run by our Virtual Caretaker. The whiteboard is a LIVE, ever evolving list of always changing playrooms that are open and happening right that second.

The Daycare is essentially our multi-breakout room adventure, which allows you to find and explore many different spaces. When you join Daycare, you will be presented with all the available room options and with a request to the moderator you will be sent to the room of your choice. You may also just sit in the Daycare as a fun way to meet others.

Our “Virtual Caretaker” will be in that room, and can move you into one of the Playrooms, or create a new Playroom for you and your friends on-demand. These Playrooms can be based around a specific topic, or interest. We will have different games, and small group activities. In addition, we will also have artists in some of these Playrooms streaming art, taking commissions, and hanging out when they are not doing a scheduled panel! Think of this as the place to find “Artist Alley”.

Here is what our virtual whiteboard may look like when you enter the Daycare.


Once in a Playroom you can leave at any time and go back to the main room. If you are an artist or you had a playroom created just for you, we ask you let the Daycare attendant know when you are closing your room so they can update the whiteboard.

What is a Playroom?

A Playroom is a room that you’ll only find within the Daycare, We don’t have “Rooms” on the schedule. We have Tracks, Events, and Daycare listed on the schedule.

How can I make my own room in the Daycare?

To create a breakout room in the Daycare, you will need to speak with the Daycare attendant in the main lobby of the Daycare. They will be able to open a room for you and allow you to join.

Other Common Questions

How can I report a concern?

Each room will have a volunteer moderator watching and standing by to assist when issues arise. You will be able to identify the moderator of the room by looking in the users list and looking for the “Moderator” status. Reach out to the moderator of the room for direct help. You can also report a concern via the “report harassment” button on your logged in schedule.

How can I get technical help during the con?

For Zoom or Telegram technical help, you can join our Tech Support Telegram channel HERE. We have volunteers standing by to assist however possible.

How do I prepare for my event?

Hydrate! Drink lots of water so you can keep up with the panel or event without having to stop in the middle.

If you are wearing a Diaper, check to make sure that it will last during the panel. You do not want to have to run away and change during the good parts!

Make sure your Camera and Microphone is properly connected and tested to ensure that it is working.

Relax and have fun!

How do I use Zoom?

Zoom has a bunch of fantastic video tutorials for users of all skill levels, please feel free to take a look HERE!

How can I present during a panel? (Asking for host permissions if the person is a presenter)

Speak with the presenter. Not all panels will allow for other folks to present or take control of the event, but in some cases there will be multiple people presenting during a panel and “host permissions” will need to change.

BFC Online Dress Code

Attendees are STRONGLY encouraged to wear diapers, onesies, rompers, shortalls, and other adult baby clothes! Fursuits and Kigu’s are of course welcome!
Our only strict rule is ABSOLUTELY NO NUDITY

We’ve taken steps to keep the con safe for everyone by vetting every attendee, and disabling all recording across the platform. If you are uncomfortable showing your face, consider wearing a mask, pointing your webcam down, or covering your head. A webcam is not required; but strongly recommended so we can all interact like a real convention.


If you have further questions, or need assistance during the convention. We’ll have volunteers and staff members standing by in our Telegram Support Channel HERE to answer any burning questions.