BFC #4 2022

Babyfur Con® Returns! And we are 4!

Con Dates: August 13th and 14th

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We are back baby! Our fourth online convention will be bigger and better than ever before!  We are super excited and will have all of the favorites from prior events and new surprises await!

Guest of Honor – Wen:

Wen is a passionate artist, who has been an amazing staple in the Babyfur community. Her artwork and designs have sparked joy in furries and babyfurs around the world.  We are super excited to have Wen join us for a fun weekend of art, crafting, and exploration!

For more information on Wen and her art, check out her information below:


  • Art Auction (sign up donations link coming soon, our previous auction raised close to $3000!)
  • Your favorite babyfur artists! (see artists from BFC#1, BFC#2, and BFC#3)
  • Educational Programming: Panels on babyfur, ABDL, LGBT, Age Play, Using Little Space to Fight Stress, Depression, and Anxiety, Regression, Care of Plushies, Adult Diaper Testing, Going 24/7, Q&A Adult Diaper Manufacturer Sessions from ABU & Crinklz, and more…
  • Small group discussions and a hangouts “daycare” (featuring an improved ability to move between breakout rooms without assistance)
  • Trivia games, puppet shows, storytime, arts & crafts, coloring, and prizes!
  • Safety & Security! Our volunteer team has put 500+ hours into programming our custom-developed, secure platform “Recess” that runs over the top of Zoom. Plus, all attendees are manually vetted before being admitted to the con
  • Sippy Cup Happy Hour & How to Make Cocktail demos

Babyfur Con® is not a webinar; it is a participatory online ABDL Furry convention. BFC #1 saw over 400 simultaneous HD video streams with attendees dressed up in diapers, onesies, rompers, shortalls, PJ’s and other little’s gear. It featured 1000’s of plushies, bottles, pacifiers, and an intimate live experience from inside the bedrooms, cribs, ball pits, and nurseries of adult babies from around the world. Crinkle sounds across 35 simultaneous online rooms. This is an online convention like no other!

This online convention is 100% volunteer-run. No one on staff or our board of directors is paid, and all proceeds go to our 501(c)3 which we formed with the proceeds of BFC #1. We are trying to raise a total of $35,000 for our operations fund so that we can do a hotel buy-out and bring you our in-person convention in Las Vegas (imagine a weekend only wearing your littles gear 24/7 anywhere in the hotel with hundreds of other Babyfurs) once it is safe to do so. In 2020 we raised over $14,000!

While our art auction will primarily have art and commission slots, we also welcome new and used ABDL clothing, accessories, toys, games, plushies, and other items for donation. This is a great way to get rid of ABDL clothing that no longer fits, or was ordered in the wrong size. Simply ensure articles are properly cleaned and washed and can be packed in a USPS flat rate box. We ask you include the shipping cost in your donation, or otherwise indicate in the item description that the buyer is to pay shipping costs.

Please check the links below for more information and things you can do to help contribute and the links below to purchase tickets!

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