Babyfur Con® — A furry convention made specifically for babyfurs (ABDLs welcome!)

Babyfur Con®: A ‘smol’ furry convention made just for babyfurs!

Babyfur Con® is an 18+ furry convention made for babyfurs, by babyfurs! We are welcoming of everyone, including age players, ABDLs, furries, kidfurs, caretakers, bigs, littles, middles, and more! Not sure what a babyfur is? See our FAQ!

Babyfur Con® is a production of P.A.C.I.: Partnership for Artists and Creative Individuals, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. None of our staff are paid; we are 100% volunteer-run. Our goal is to raise $35,000 as an operating fund in order to produce our live, in-person convention in Las Vegas once it is safe to hold indoor events again (estimating sometime in 2022). We have been raising money through multi-track interactive online conventions. Be sure to read about past events and our founding.

Gold Supporters for BFC#4